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Stockport’s Senior Authority on Wing Chun
For the Ching Mo Wing Chun family is
Sifu AShley Douglas

After being inspired by the Kung Fu Cinema of Hong Kong and an interest in Martial Arts from an early age, Sifu Ashley’s desire to learn a traditional, practical style of Kung fu and the original source of Bruce Lee’s techniques led him to the Wing Chun fighting method.

He became a student of Sifu Billy Davidson, member of the Ching Mo Wing Chun School and part of The Ip Ching family.

Sifu Ashley Douglas
Sifu Ashley douglas

Sifu Ashley believes that as well as the hard work training Wing Chun to a high level, students should explore its origin and theory, history and culture, and an understanding of other Martial Arts.

Ashley’s continued ambition and search for knowledge is vital to both his personal training and his ability to share and pass on the information to his own students.

Member of the Ching Mo Wing Chun School
Ving Tsun Ip Ching Association
Fully insured through the British Karate Association

All Classes are currently run from our main school

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