What is Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu has been translated or referred to by many names over the years such as ‘Beautiful Springtime’, ‘Hope for the Future’, ‘Plum Blossom Boxing’, ‘Everlasting Spring Boxing’, Hong Kong Street Fighting, and Ving Tsun.
On this page you will find just a small selection of the Wing Chun Scientific Method.

Wing Chun uses a series of forms to give students effective techniques in their most effective combinations………


Siu Lim Tao

The Little Idea form is the foundation of the Wing Chun system teaching the basic stance and hand positions, correct structure and centreline theory, the development of energy and how to release it.


Chum Kiu

When Searching for the Bridge or Bridging The Gap you will learn how to train correct turning and use of angles, stepping, kicking and how to recover the centreline.

Biu Jee

The Thrusting Fingers or Emergency Hand form is mainly only  demonstrated by Master Billy Davidson


Mook Yan Jong

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy or The Wooden Man


Baat Cham Dau & Luk Dim Bun Guen

Sifu Dave uses Wing Chuns Six & A Half Point Long Pole & The Eight Cutting Broadsword Technique is demonstrated by Master Billy


Chi Sau & Applications

Wing Chun’s famous sticking hand techniques are taught in various stages along with all practical hand drills to allow students to develop sensitivity, the training of correct positions, how to apply correct use of energy and to allow students to enjoy practising their skills with each other in a safe manner.

Students of Stockport Ching Mo Wing Chun will be given the opportunity to learn the entire Wing Chun system.

Students of Stockport Ching Mo can train in all aspects of the Wing Chun system including hand drills, practical applications, self-defence applications………

All Classes are currently run from our main school

Main School Manchester